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Start-Up Kit
  • Start-Up Kit


    Get everything you need here to get started with your training! Our start-up kit comes with an A-Frame Aerial Rig, a complete set of aerial hardware, and an aerial silk.


    This A-Frame Aerial Rig is ideal for your home aerial practice whether that’s indoors or outdoors! Its lightweight stainless steel composition makes it easy to take anywhere, but also safe for any level! Whether you want to train with an aerial silk, aerial hammock, lyra, or static trapeze you can rig with ease with the adjustable connector rings. Your rig will also come with a custom made carry bag and soft carry box to keep all the parts together and safe from damage during transportation. (Safety mat sold separate; lyra and trapeze not included).

    This complete rigging hardware set includes two carabiners, one swivel, and one rescue 8 to help you easily rig your aerial silk!

    These low stretch silks are hand-cut to 10 yards to perfectly fit your new rig. Choose between 2 colors: electric blue and neon pink!


    Rest assured you won't have to wait to see if Christmas delivery makes it on time since we have only 15 Rigs Left in stock for immediate local pick up!


    Also note that if you subscribe for our Fly Academy you will receive a special coupon code on your receipt to get 10% off your equipment purchases!


      A-Frame Rig
      Carry Bag Packed: less than 60”L x 12”W x 3”H (about 5’L x 1’W)

      Soft Carry Box: 9”L x 12”W x 9”H

      Rig at Max Height: 11.4’H with a footprint of 7.5’ x 8.5’

      Rig at Lowest Height: 5’H with a footprint of 3.5’ x 6’

      Adjustable at limited increments of 4-5”

      Total Weight: 70lbs

      Composition: Stainless Steel and Magnesium Alloy

      Minimum Breaking Load: 1550lbs (700kg)

      Maximum Weight Limit (WLL): 265lbs (120kg)

      10:1 safety factor for a 150lb aerialist

      5:1 safety factor for 265lb aerialist 


      Material: Aluminum

      Color: Black and red 

      Size: 2.125”W x 4.25”L

      Weight Limit: EN365 certified safety rated 30kN (3000kg or 6700lbf)


      Material: Steel

      Color: Silver with red screw lock

      Size: 2.25”W x 4.25”L

      Weight Limit: EN362 certified safety rated 25kN (2500kg or 5600lbf)

      Weight: 160g each

      Rescue 8

      Material: Aluminum

      Color: Black

      Size: 6.5”W x 6.5”L

      Weight Limit: 32kN (3200kg or 7200lbf)


      Color: Varies

      Length: 10-16yds

      Width: 108”-120”

      Material: Denier tricot

      Tested Weight: 2500lbs


      1 Stainless Steel Top Bar

      2 Top Bar to Leg Connectors

      4 Telescopic Legs with Silicone Foot Pads (3 segments with length 5-12’) 

      2 Adjustable Connector Rings

      16 Lock Pins (extras just in case)

      2 Stabilization Straps

      2 Hex Key Wrenches (large and small)

      1 Set of Instructions

      1 Carrying Bag (for legs and top bar)

      1 Soft Carry Box (for all other small pieces)

      2 Screw-Lock Carabiners

      1 Swivel

      1 Rescue 8

      1 Aerial Silk 10 yards


      This rig is not recommended for drops or multiple users at one time. Swinging outside of the footprint is strongly discouraged as it can cause the legs to lift. The legs may bend back and forth while the rig is in use, but should return back to its original, straight position when not in use. The four feet should always remain stationary and on the ground. The rig should always be set up on level ground.

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