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Pulley System for 16’ and 20’ Rig

Pulley System for 16’ and 20’ Rig


If you plan on changing out, taking in, raising, or lowering your apparatus, the pulley system is invaluable-otherwise you will need to use a ladder or take down the rig each time. The pulley system also helps to distribute weight more evenly adding to the already dynamic safety features of the rig.


Please note that this is made to order along with the specialty rig from our U.S. manufacturer so please allow 3 weeks to be shipped to you directly. 


    3 50kN self-locking steel carabiners

    2 single pulleys

    1 double pulley

    50’ static climbing rope

    1 cleat for tying off rope (cleat is to be added by the customer at desired height)



    Practicing aerial arts is dangerous. Please check all equipment before use. Qizzup Inc., and manufacturer, Coggs Circus LLC, cannot be held responsible for injury/death resulting from misuse of equipment.

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