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Feet & Straps for 16’ and 20’ Rig

Feet & Straps for 16’ and 20’ Rig


The feet attach to the bottoms of the aerial rig legs to prevent the legs from splaying outward on smooth surfaces, such as wood. For outdoor use of the rig (on grass for example), the feet and straps are not necessary as the rig legs will sink slightly into the ground preventing any splaying, but the feet do add an extra element of safety. If you plan to use your 16’ or 20’ rig indoors and outdoors, you will need the additional feet and straps.


Please note that this is made to order along with the specialty rig from our U.S. manufacturer so please allow 3 weeks to be shipped to you directly. 


    4 Feet with welded D-rings

    4 Straps


    Practicing aerial arts is dangerous. Please check all equipment before use. Qizzup Inc., and manufacturer, Coggs Circus LLC, cannot be held responsible for injury/death resulting from misuse of equipment.

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