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Safety Mat
  • Safety Mat

    $445.00 Regular Price
    $425.00Sale Price

    Use this custom-made safety mat for all of your aerial training. These mats come with a unique folding design for easier transportation and storage. The two halves are joined by a long velcro strip to keep the two pads together and keep you safe. The bottom of the mat is made with high-quality vinyl to allow for easy cleaning.


    Please note that this is made to order from our manufacturer in California so please allow 7 business days to be delivered to our studio for pick up or 10-14 business days to be delivered to you.


      Color: Black

      Dimensions: 5’L x 5’W x 8”H

      Folded Dimensions: 2.5’L x 2.5’ W x 16”H

      Weight: 35lbs


      The mat should be used velcro side up to prevent stepping in the join. Always place the mat centered under the apparatus. It is advised that a tarp be used under the mat when using outdoors or on an abrasive surface.

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