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Aerial Silks - New
  • Aerial Silks - New


    These low stretch silks are hand-cut to a length of your choice to fit your needs. Two bright, fun colors to choose from! Rig as an aerial silk or aerial hammock (no hardware included). Add a Rescue 8 to your order for easier rigging during your aerial private lesson!


    When choosing a length please note that the length we provide is for the entire length of the silk (not halved as it would be when rigged). Rigging the silk on a Rescue 8 takes about 1 yard of the length and you will want to allow for some extra fabric (1-3 yards per side) past floor level to allow for footlocks, wraps, and knots. (Example: For a rig height of 3.5yds I would want a silk to be at least 3.5yds per side (7yds) + 1yd extra per side (2yds) + 1yd to rig = 10yds total)


    If you are purchasing the Qizzup Aerial A-Frame Rig you will want to purchase 10 yards of silks. 


    Please contact us at or call us at 1.800.257.9498


      Color: Varies

      Length: 10-16yds

      Width: 108”-120”

      Material: Denier tricot

      Tested Weight: 2500lbs


      Do not use jewelry (earrings, rings, bracelets, watches, etc.) when using your aerial silks as this can cause rips and tears in the silk. Regularly inspect your silk for runs or holes and retire if there is excessive damage or damage close to where it contacts hardware. Wash one silk at a time using a gentle wash cycle with soap, but no fabric softener. Tumble or low heat dry and untangle after.

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