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16' Aerial Rig

16' Aerial Rig


This rig is a beast, but it is super easy to assemble. Height can be adjusted to 12’ and 16’ with double bolted variance for uneven land. The legs are designed to have some flex while still retaining maximum strength. The top bar is a center-weighted design optimal for a variety of situations. Built specifically for outdoor use (in all seasons), but can be used inside as well.


Please note that this is made to order from our U.S. manufacturer so please allow 3 weeks to be shipped to you directly. 


    Maximum height is 16’

    Minimum height is 12’

    Footprint at max height is about 16’x19’

    Made of 6061 aluminum and metal paint coated steel


    16 5’x2” thick 6061 aluminum (will not rust) legs with steel inserts (coated with metal paint)

    1 steel top bar (coated with metal paint) with 4 industrial-welded connectors and 3 welded tabs

    All hardware for easy assembly (bolts are highest-grade steel)


    All rigs are fabricated per order and require about a month turnaround time. We highly recommend adding a pulley system! If you plan on changing apparatuses, the pulley system is invaluable-otherwise, you would need to use a ladder or take down the rig each time. Another add-on option for best use indoors is the feet with D-rings that connect to straps to keep the rig legs from splaying on smooth surfaces such as wood. Feet are not recommended for use on soft, outdoor ground as the feet will sink slightly into surfaces such as grass and prevent the legs from splaying.


    The rig has met certification beyond the minimum industrial requirements of 400lb static (WLL) and 1200lb dynamic. Practicing aerial arts is dangerous. Please check all equipment before use. Qizzup Inc., and manufacturer, Coggs Circus LLC, cannot be held responsible for injury/death resulting from misuse of equipment.


    The cost of shipping is included in the price and ships directly from the manufacturer. Please allow about a month turnaround time.

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