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Performance Program

Annual Fly Show Performances


We are so excited to have dedicated our Fridays to be performance classes & workshops where we will be focused on working with choreography, learning about musicality, creative performance skills, and working together as a team to learn and experience what it takes to put together an aerial piece that will be performed at the end of the each semester.

 Winter Show 2019 

Dec 14-15*

 Summer Show 2020 

June 13-14*


                                     *Final Days and Times to be determined within the program period



  • Summer Show program period is March 27-June 14, 2020


  • Full Package Amount $680.00 must be received by March 20, 2020 (or opt for the available four-payment installment package. View full terms for dates and details.)

  • Package contents:

10 Group Rehearsals

2 Technical Rehearsals

Costume Fee

Show Fee, includes:

-Digital photos (1 group & 1 solo per number)

-Cast Member exclusive season apparel

-Two (2) complimentary tickets

-Production costs

  • Students must be currently enrolled in regular Fly Academy Training classes in addition to the Performance Program classes.

  • Cast members must agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the Performance Program outlined: Program Period & Schedules, Pricing, Package Contents, Absences & Removals, Withdrawals and Refunds.

 Please call us at 1.800.257.9498 for further inquiries.

Preview Performances


 Winter Academy 2019's Performance Videos 

 Fly Rhythm Collections I & II 

Registration Form

Complete the form below to sign-up for Performance Program Classes & Rehearsals (Fridays starting March 27, 2020).

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Preview Performances
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