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Class Descriptions


Class INFO

To be a part of a Fly Academy Performance Team, students must be enrolled in at least a 2x per week schedule package.*

Lil Whirlwinds

5 - 7 Yrs

Lil Whirlwind students have an hour each week to focus on a learning performance skills and choreography to a piece they will present in our annual Fly Showcases!


Send a message to with your information to enroll your child in Team Whirlwinds for Fall 2017:

Wind Climbers

8 - 17 Yrs

This semester, Team Wind Climbers Performance Class hours for Academy Prep, Level 1, 2, 3, and 4 (non-Dragon Flyers) have been consolidated to one class due to its small size.**

If the size of enrollments for rehearsals grow we will open another rehearsal hour from 7:30 - 8:30pm on another weeknight. 


Send a message to with your information to enroll your child in Team Wind Climbers for Fall 2017:

Dragon Flyers

WC Level 4+ Exclusive

Wind Climbers Level 4 and up have a 2-hour Performance Class.

Send a message to with your information to enroll your child in the Dragon Flyers Performance Team for Fall 2017:

Rehearsal Sched

 Class Schedule

Starting September 1, 2017

Classes may be subject to change.

Performance &
Rehearsal Classes
3:45-4:45pm     Team Whirlwinds (5 - 7 yrs) 
5:00-6:00pm     Team Wind Climbers (8 - 17 yrs):
        Academy Prep, Levels 1, 2, 3 & 4
6:15-8:15pm     Dragon Flyers Performance Team
                             (2-hour Class)

*If you chose to have your child participate in our winter Showcase but you do NOT see Fridays on your schedule, please let us know so we can go over what we need to do to correct that.

**If this set rehearsal hour changes your plans to have your child participate please let us know and we will update your chosen Autopay Package and schedule. We thank you in advance for your understanding of our need to consolidate due to a lack of enrollment!

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