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Aug 2018-June 2019

 New Parent N' Me Class Schedule with Drop Off Classes Now Available!

We ask our current members to hold their weekly classes by filling the form below. 

Important FAQS


Starting Jan 3rd to June 23, 2018

Classes may be subject to change.

  • How early can I drop off my child?
    We will allow drop offs no earlier than 8:40am. Our team will be preparing the space for the morning's activities.
  • What should I pack for my child to attend a class?
    We ask that all children come with a bag with your child's name on it with the following items: * Please make sure to dress your child in clothes that are comfortable and you don't mind could get a bit messy in our sensory activities! * An extra pair of clothes just in case for potty accidents. * Extra diapers (minimum of 2 diapers) and wet wipes (if your child is not potty trained) * A water bottle. We do have a water fountain if needed. * A small snack (We will be taking a 15 minute snack break. * A clean towel for any extra clean up if your child decides they want to get messy with our sensory activities!
  • Potty Trained and Un-Potty Trained Toddlers?
    Our program does accept children who are not yet potty trained. * For un-potty trained children: We will ask our parents to kindly place a freshly changed diaper at our studio before dropping them off. Our teachers will happily change a child's diaper only if it's a poopy diaper within that 2 hour time period. * For potty trained or learning to be potty trained children: We ask that before you drop off your child for class, have them use the restroom. Our staff will not be able to accommodate any special potty training instructions (if you are currently potty training your child).
  • Missed Lessons/Makeups?
    We strongly encourage consistent attendance at our classes however we do understand that emergencies happen and parents may need to cancel a class. Make ups are available if you report an absence PRIOR to the class and are based on availability during the current week. You are allowed 12 makeups per year per class enrolled. All makeups must be completed while you are enrolled in the program. Once a makeup is scheduled it cannot be rescheduled. Tuition is based on 4 classes per month. To contact us to report an absence or request a makeup by calling or even texting us at 1.800.257.9498 or email us at Please tell us your child's full name and the day/time of your class. We will place a make up class in your account. * Make ups can be scheduled on any other day than your child's regularly scheduled class. * Make ups do roll over and can be used as long as your child is a current autopay member. * If a make up is scheduled, it cannot be rescheduled again. If you cannot make an already scheduled make up, you will lose that class. * We are not responsible for scheduling a make up for your child.
  • Tuition/Registration
    Tuition is automatically every 4 weeks or 28 days. There is a service fee of $30 for returned checks. A valid credit card must be on your child's account. Fly studios does not offer refunds for used or unused classes.
  • 14 Day (2 Weeks) Notice of Cancellation
    Your child is enrolled in our prgraom until we receive a written 14 day notice and your account is billed accordingly. If notice is given less than 14 days (2 weeks) prior to cancellation, you are responsible for the full monthly tuition. Tuition will be pro-rated for the final month based on the 14 day written notice of cancellation.
  • Minimum Enrollment
    A minimum enrollment of 4 students is needed to conduct a group class. Fly Studios reserves the right to cancel a class if there is low attendance. Students will be re-scheduled into the next available class.
  • Fly Studios Sick Policy
    Our goal is to keep all of our children healthy. If your child is not feeling well or has had a stomach bug, please stay home from class. We ask that you wait 48 hours after a stomach bug has passed prior to scheduling a makeup lesson. It is difficult to know when not to bring your child to class when they are sick if you see no symptoms, and we understand this. THE SCOOP ABOUT MUCOUS Many people say many different things when it comes to how to decipher when your child is sick by judging the color of their mucous. It is always best to consult with your doctor, however, at Fly Studios we are aware that a “runny nose” is not always a sign of illness. We see a clear runny nose with allergies, teething, weather changes, and at the end of an illness when the child is no longer contagious and the body is “filtering”. Here is a simple guideline for us: Yellow Mucous – Please Don't bring your child to class Brown Mucous – Please Don't bring your child to class Green Mucous – Please Don't bring your child to class Cloudy Mucous – Please Don't bring your child to class Clear Mucous – See if there are other symptoms, check child’s behavior/demeanor, and make a judgment off the “bigger picture”. When you child looks “unwell”, and is showing signs of being lethargic – do not bring them to class. Let them heal. We cannot control illness, all we can do is be conscious of it, and be proactive once we know it is present. We at Fly Studios are very diligent about washing and sanitizing our toys and tools for class. All the teachers are rigorously trained to clean their tools after every class without exception. The cleaning solutions we use are non-chemical, safe and natural. Even if we don’t pass out wipes in, after or before class, and even if you don’t actually “see” us wash our tools – please know that we do! If you have any questions, or would like clarification whether you should bring your child to class or not, feel free to e-mail us at or call or text us at 1.800.257.9498


Starting Jan 3rd to June 23, 2018

* TruRize Enrichment Adventures will begin as of Jan 23rd but we are accepting enrollments. 

Classes may be subject to change.

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