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Owner & Artistic Director Michelle Nicolson Bolong


"My phenomenal fly team and I share a common vision. A vision of a world where expression of the arts are shared, diverse cultures are celebrated, dreaming big is essential, possibilities are endless, and where learning to fly can be safe and fun! We understand that we may not be able to always protect our students from the world outside of our studio, but we can start by building a safe creative space within our four walls. Aerial arts is a spectacular art form and more importantly, it's a powerful way to ignite our students with self esteem, respect, courage, and LOVE. I truly believe that if we nurture and empower our students, they will continue to spread this message of strength and mindfulness and will inevitably create a better world for all."


Fly Studios Purpose For Existing:

To Teach Every One Of Our Students How To Be Courageous & Fly Towards Their Dreams!

Fly Studios Big Five Commitment:

To Our Kids :

We Empower You!

To Our Parents & Families:

We Hear You!

To Our Staff:

We Support You!

To Our Community:

We Serve You!

To Our World:

We Respect You!




Currently located in Redondo Beach, CA

Fly Team
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Cindy Nicolson Bolong, Co-Owner & Studio Manager

Introducing Cindy A. Nicolson, a multifaceted powerhouse with an impressive background in mixed martial arts, music, and law. Hailing from Scotland, Cindy's journey as a martial artist began at the age of eight, and she has since earned a coveted black belt in Wado Ryu karate, showcasing her unwavering determination and skill in the dojo.

But that's not all. Cindy's musical talents are equally awe-inspiring. She comes from a family of musicians and even formed a band with her brothers in Scotland, captivating audiences with their harmonies and melodies. Her passion for music has taken her on a journey across Europe as part of an all-girl band, leaving a trail of adoring fans in their wake.

In addition to her martial arts and musical accomplishments, Cindy is also a New York licensed attorney, specializing in immigration law. Her unwavering commitment to advocating for those seeking a better life is a testament to her compassionate nature and drive to make a positive impact.

With a blended family of five beautiful children and a baby girl on the way, Cindy's love for her family is palpable in everything she does. Her outgoing nature, determination, and boundless energy make her a force to be reckoned with in all her pursuits.

Cindy A. Nicolson is a true renaissance woman, blending her talents in martial arts, music, law, and motherhood to create a life that is as extraordinary as it is inspiring. Her dynamic personality and unwavering passion for the arts make her a true trailblazer, leaving an indelible mark on the world around her. Get ready to be inspired by her remarkable journey and her unwavering spirit.

Michelle Nicolson Bolong, Owner & Artistic Director

Michelle's journey as a movement artist reads like a thrilling adventure novel! Born and raised in the vibrant South Bay, she ignited her passion for martial arts at the tender age of nine, diving headfirst into the world of Taekwondo. But her hunger for knowledge didn't stop there.

As a teenager, Michelle craved more. She yearned to explore the depths of movement and expression, and so she embarked on a quest to master technical dance. Her talent was undeniable, and she soon found herself touring the globe with prestigious companies like Velocity Circus, Vortex Collective, and the renowned Los Angeles-based dance theater company, Diavolo. Her performances left audiences awe-struck as she pushed the boundaries of what was possible with her unparalleled skills and mesmerizing stage presence.

Michelle's star continued to rise, and she was handpicked by none other than Cirque Du Soleil to join their groundbreaking production of the Beatles show, LOVE. Her role as part of the creative team, dancer, and aerial dancer was a dream come true, and she left audiences breathless with her awe-inspiring performances that defied gravity and captivated hearts.

But Michelle's talents didn't end on the stage. She was also a visionary creative director, lending her unique artistic touch to shows for renowned artists such as Kesha, OHM, and Billy Idol. Her boundless creativity and keen eye for detail elevated each performance to new heights, leaving audiences begging for more.

With over 20 years of experience as a movement artist, Michelle's accolades are countless. She's a gold medal winner in the state championships in Taekwondo, a certified pilates instructor, a professional dancer, a performer, an entrepreneur, a loving wife, and a doting mother of five beautiful and amazing kids. Her unwavering passion and relentless drive continue to fuel her as she sets her sights on her next ambitious endeavor - a groundbreaking aerial arts center that specializes in children, bringing something truly new and exciting to the South Bay area and beyond.

Bri Price,

Fly Instructor

Bri is a graduate of the Theater Arts department at Cal State Long Beach and has also worked with children of many ages and abilities for over 10 years. She believes that both backgrounds inform one another and help her excel in both. In her spare time, she enjoys acting and teaching herself circus arts such as juggling, poi spinning, and hoop. As a performer with physical theater experience, including clowning, she expresses herself best through exploration of movement and she is excited to be able to incorporate Aerial Arts into her repertoire. Aside from performance, she enjoys writing and contributes regularly to an online zine.

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