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The Kidz Aerial Method is an all-inclusive online training course on how to start, promote and profit by adding our turn-key children's aerial arts program into your current studio/gym without the hassle of trying to figure anything out! No need to franchise a program with hefty royalties when you can just apply our complete proven formula of the Kidz Aerial Method to your existing studio. Let us help you attract more students and boost more profits than you thought possible by following our lead! 


Who is this online course designed for?

Studio | Gym Owners & Aerial Instructors:

  • Are you tired of looking for a way to get more engaged students knocking on your door? 

  • ​Would you like more variety to your class offering to keep your customers coming back for more? 

  • ​Do you feel anxious about long-term success and want a sure-fire way to set yourself apart from the competition?

  • ​Are you excited about the idea of adding a silks program, but don't know where to start?

Let us show you how we did it and save you lots of time and money!


The online course offers key techniques that have been tested and evolved over 10 years of trial and error at our studio in Los Angeles, Fly Studios. We want to educate studio owners and teachers and serve as an online training library for your aerial art coaching team — giving them the essential resources for specialized teaching focused on the ages 5 - 12 years old.

This step-by-step formula offers an innovative & profitable aerial arts curriculum to set your studio apart plus you will have our ongoing support as you go through the growing pains!

The course includes 10 Easy to Follow Modules where you can choose your learning pace: 

  • Video library of over 100 aerial vocabulary moves — perfect for training current or future instructors.


  • Ready-to-go lessons plans designed to help you get your program up fast, without having to hire an aerial expert.


  • Proven marketing materials to help you promote your new program and attract eager-to-pay customers.

  • And so much more!

You get everything you and your coaches need to feel confident adding an aerial arts program that your students will LOVE... even if you're brand new to aerial arts.

In order to fully give our KAM students the best support, the course is only open for enrollment a few times a year. In the meantime we want to continue to help and you can get our FREE guide and join our mailing list to be in the loop of when our next course registration opens up and everything KAM by clicking below!

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