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autopay faqs

Q & A

1) When does my child's package begin?

Your child's package begins on the first day of the first class of their first package. All auto-pay tuitions are charged on the date of purchase in a 4 week cycle.


2) How many classes does a package come with?

1 single class is $35

Members receive discounted rates:


Jr. Academy packages are offered in 4 class ($95/mo)

or 8 class packs ($180/mo) that expire after 30 days. 


Wind Climbers $135 autopay package comes with 4 classes that expire after 30 days. 

Wind Climbers $250 autopay package comes with 8 classes that expire after 30 days. 

Dragon Flyers $145 Rehearsal monthly autopay package comes with 4 rehearsals per month // Then will be prorated ($36.25 per rehearsal) to cover any rehearsals that fall outside tuition coverage dates

No makeups available for rehearsals


****Classes do not rollover****


3) Are these weekly classes?

Yes, your child's training days are on the same day each week.


4) Cancellation & Make Up Policy

What happens if my child cannot make a scheduled class?


  • We require a 4-hour notification to cancel a scheduled class.

Parents have 2 options to cancel: 

1) CALL or TEXT 1-800-257-9498

2) EMAIL at

  • Makeups must be scheduled within 5 weeks of the missed class. Makeups not scheduled within this time frame are lost.

  • A total of 2 makeups per billing cycle is allowed. Makeups do not roll over into the next month.

  • Makeups are based on availability wherever there is space available in another class and are therefore not guaranteed.



5) No Show Policy


What happens if I do not cancel a scheduled class?

Absences without notification are considered "no shows" and the child loses that class. A no show takes a space away from a student who could otherwise take that spot for either a makeup class or a trial class.


7) "Extra Classes"

If my package comes with a certain amount of weekly classes, why am I charged occasionally for an extra class?

Example Below: $135/mo (4 class package)




Since every month has a different amount of days within it, there are occasionally 5 weeks in a calendar month. Due to our set tuition date system, where all members are charged for their packages on  the 15th of each month, occasionally there are months with more training days than your package covers. We charge these additional classes at the rate of your current package:


$23.75 - Jr academy $95 pack

$33.75 - $135 pack

$31.25 - $250 pack 


8) Contract Cancellation Policy

How do I cancel my contract?

Please provide written cancellation via the following form: by the 1st of the month prior to cancel a contract.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need additional assistance and

Thank You For Flying With Us!

Fly Policies


Enrollment and Tuition

  • Regardless of autopay payment method, we require a valid credit or debit card on file at all times.

  • Tuition is billed on the 15th of the month and includes a certain number of classes depending on the autopay package you have.

  • Classes from contracts started in the middle of a pay period are prorated through the 15th of the following month.

  • Fly Studios uses a set scheduling system. Your child’s classes are on the same day each week

  • Classes must be reserved in advance. Drop-ins are not guaranteed a spot in class and may be turned away if class is full.

  • On the occasion that there are more classes scheduled than your package covers (such as when there are 5 weeks in a month) you will be billed a prorated amount for the extra class(es).

  • Your child is automatically enrolled for a school year (Fall to Spring) until a written cancellation is received and confirmed. To cancel before your next autopay is charged, written notice must be provided by the 1st of the month in which you want to cancel. Memberships cancelled in the middle of a pay period are not refunded. We give 30 days from the date we receive the written cancellation for your child to take any remaining classes in the current session. Your child may take the remaining classes in the session or forfeit them.

  • Siblings not enrolled in class are not allowed on the mat at any time.


  • To qualify for a makeup class, we require notice of an anticipated absence at least 4 hours prior to the start of your child’s class time to allow other students an opportunity to sign up for that class. You can call or text 1 (800) 257-9498 or email to cancel a class.

  • Makeups must be scheduled within 5 weeks of the missed class. Makeups not scheduled within this time frame are lost.

  • Makeups are not guaranteed as they are based on availability only.

  • Scheduled make up classes that are missed without notification are lost.

Sick Policy

  • Please keep your child home if they show any signs of illness or contagiousness such as fever, coughing, sneezing/runny nose, rashes, warts, or fungal infections. For the health of our other students and our coaches, any child who comes to class showing any signs of the above will be sent home. Normal make up policies apply for these cases.

Safety Guidelines

Enrolling your child in classes is an acknowledgment of the risks involved. All students must have a waiver on file in order to step on the mat.

Students who are late more than 15 minutes (missing the warm up activity and stretching) will be asked to not join class due to safety reasons. This missed class can be used for a future makeup.

Clothing to protect your child:

• Leggings or tight fitting sweat pants that go below the knees (no shorts please) to lessen the friction from the apparatuses.

• A t-shirt with sleeves long enough to cover under the armpits (no cap sleeves or tank tops).

• Leotard or tank top tucked in underneath their t-shirt for any upside down activities.

• No jewelry. If earrings cannot be taken out we will tape your child’s ears with sports tape to protect them from the activities.

• Long hair must be pulled back.

• Students on the mat will be barefoot to avoid slipping on the floor and/or apparatuses. Socks are not allowed as they are slippery.


• Food is allowed, but if you have especially pungent food or any peanuts or other tree nuts, please have your meal on the patio.

• Your child must wear shoes when arriving or leaving the studio. Bare feet in the parking lot is not allowed.

General Guidelines

  • Fly Studios is not responsible for any items left at, lost, or stolen from the studio.

  • Photographs/video of your child is allowed. You must obtain parental consent prior to taking photos or videos of other students in class. If another parent objects to an existing image of their child that you possess, you are responsible for deleting the photo or video.

  • All students dropped off must be promptly picked up once class is dismissed.


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