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Positions available

2018 -2019

Aerial Fly Coaches!

We are looking for some amazing coaches to join our Fly Team for the next academic year Sep 2018 - June 2019! If you love aerial arts, kids, and bing a part of a great family of instructors than reach out to us!


Skill Requirements:

  • You must have at least an intermediate/advance aerial experience on the silks, and either the static trapeze or hoop would be great!

  • Experience working/teaching kids in any movement form is also plus!


Fly Aerial Instructors will be teaching multiple levels of aerial arts for children and adults from ages 5 years and above. We have an aerial arts academy with large classes with an average of 10-12 students per class. We are an innovative youth academy providing a full curriculum of aerial vocabulary on the silks, trapezes, and the lyra (hoop).  Since we instruct our academy as a team effort, our school provides full detailed lesson plans for all of our instructors. Our teachers benefit from our curriculum structure because it simply allows them to focus on adding their own signature creativity, improv exercises, and overall fun element into their classes.


Time Requirements for a Part Time Position:

Since we are an after school program, you must be available for classes that run weekdays from 3:15pm - 7:15pm.  Or Saturdays from 9-12pm. There are 3-4 classes taught daily. This is a part time position and we may be able to offer 1-5 days a week depending on what is needed for our schedule and your level of aerial experience. We also may have private events to teach on Saturday and Sundays as well.

The extra perks of being a fly member is that we have staff aerial open gyms and mandatory paid aerial staff trainings every Wednesday evenings from 7:15pm - 9:00pm. We are looking for coaches who can commit to an academic year of teaching. We would love to invest in your training into our full aerial arts curriculum  if you have been selected to be part of our team.

To Apply:

  • -Please email us your resume to , along with any links to youtube/showreel/social media We Would Love To See Your Skills

  • A cover letter is always a plus with us to get a glimpse of who you are!

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