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"Fly Towards Your Dreams"


Owner & Artistic Director Michelle Carreno-Bolong:  


"My phenomenal fly team and I share a common vision. A vision of a world where expression of the arts are shared, diverse cultures are celebrated, dreaming big is essential, possibilities are endless, and where learning to fly can be safe and fun! We understand that we may not be able to always protect our students from the world outside of our studio, but we can start by building a safe creative space within our four walls. Aerial arts is a spectacular art form and more importantly, it's a powerful way to ignite our students with self esteem, respect, courage, and LOVE. I truly believe that if we nurture and empower our students, they will continue to spread this message of strength and mindfulness and will inevitably create a better world for all."


Fly Studios Purpose For Existing:

To Teach Every One Of Our Students How To Be Courageous & Fly Towards Their Dreams!

Fly Studios Big Five Commitment:

To Our Kids :

We Empower You!

To Our Parents & Families:

We Hear You!

To Our Staff:

We Support You!

To Our Community:

We Serve You!

To Our World:

We Respect You!



Michelle Carreno-Bolong, Owner

Michelle was raised as a South Bay native having started her Martial Art training in Taekwondo at the age of nine. In her later teens, she decided to expand her movement knowledge with technical dance.  She later toured internationally with companies: Velocity Circus, Vortex Collective, and Los Angeles based dance theater company Diavolo. Soon after, Cirque Du Soleil recruited Michelle to join in their new production of the Beatles show called LOVE as part of the creative team, dancer, and aerial dancer.  Michelle's other passion is being a creative director for live performing shows. Her credits include having directed shows for artists Kesha, OHM, and Billy Idol. Her 20 years of experience of being a movement artist including being a gold medal winner in the state championships in Taekwondo, a certified pilates instructor, a professional dancer, a performer, an entrepreneur, and a mother of twins...all gives her the momentum to continue to build her vision of a unique aerial arts center that specializes in children and generating something truly new and exciting to the South Bay area and beyond.  

Anna Marie Carreno-Bolong

Co-owner & Operations Consultant

Anna Marie is a southern California native. Growing up she excelled in athletics where training in boxing was a large focus during her teens. Her employment experience includes working with renowned companies such as Los Angeles Magazine, Virgin Entertainment, and the Ritz Carlton group. Her extensive work and ecclectic life experience gives Anna Marie an amazing business perspective to Fly Studios. A few of the many contributions she brings to the Fly vision is her approach to building an awesome team culture and a consistent need for excellent customer service at all times. When Anna Marie is not creating new company software or perfecting Fly systems, you might find her adding to her collection of vintage records, or being a busy mother of twins!

Bri Price,

Studio Manager

Bri is a graduate of the Theater Arts department at Cal State Long Beach and has also worked with children of many ages and abilities for over 10 years. She believes that both backgrounds inform one another and help her excel in both. In her spare time, she enjoys acting and teaching herself circus arts such as juggling, poi spinning, and hoop. As a performer with physical theater experience, including clowning, she expresses herself best through exploration of movement and she is excited to be able to incorporate Aerial Arts into her repertoire. Aside from performance, she enjoys writing and contributes regularly to an online zine.

Lita Gratrix,

Head Fly Coach

Lita Gratrix began training in Aerial Arts after she moved to the Los Angeles area from Seattle in 2005. She is very grateful to have trained under the wing of  internationally recognized aerial teachers, including Maximilliano Torandrell, Tania Peirce,  Sagiv Ben-Binyamin, and Michael Lipiari. Lita has also performed on the Tissu (fabric), Hoop, Rope, and her newest creative endeavor: the Chain. Lita began teaching in 2007 and was welcomed into the Fly family in 2011 and now has a leading role in the continuous evolvement of the Fly Studios academy program. 

Ramon Moore,

Head Fly Coach

 ( Coming Soon! )

 Meli Padilla,

Community Programs Manager

Meli was first introduced to aerial silks at UC Santa Barbara where she graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in environmental studies and zoology. When she isn't working, she enjoys volunteering her time at a wildlife rescue and as an elementary teacher's aid. She also enjoys playing volleyball, skating, rock climbing, being outdoors, and furthering her aerial training at the studio!

Natasha Acosta,

Party Manager

Heather Blount - Elliott

Fly Instructor & Party Team

Born and raised in Virginia, Heather is a graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, and a lifelong performance artist. Her talented mentors and seven years’ experience in teaching circus arts have imbued her with an understanding of the symbiotic relationship between teaching and learning. Heather’s varied artistic background has given her a deep appreciation for the unique joys and life lessons each discipline brings. She loves sharing her passions with people of all ages, and always tries her hardest to help students feel successful, whether it be in aerial, dance, or music. When she's not sharing the joy of learning, Heather is either performing, training or spending time with the people she cares most about.

 ( Coming Soon! )

Danielle Chavez,

Fly Assistant Instructor &

Party Team

Felicia Masias,

Fly Party Team

Felicia grew up in a small town in Texas and moved to New York City for college where she studied theatre. Felicia has been teaching and performing for children for over 6 years all around our beautiful country!  Everything from the  Emmy award winning show 'Foodplay', teaching kids about health and nutrition through live theatre, to joining the non for profit circus 'The National Circus Project', where she taught and performed circus arts! She enjoys all circus arts but specializes in juggling, plate spinning and unicycling!  She is thankful to be part of the fly team and eager to learn more about the world of aerial arts!

 ( Coming Soon! )

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