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Parent n' me 

 Multi Sensory Play For Cognitive Development

Age Groups

At  Fly Studios these age guidelines are meant to be informal and more flexible since our curriculum is designed towards your child's pace of development. If you child’s development does not fit the age brackets, no problem, they are welcome to join a class that is more appropriate for them according to what fits right. For example, if your 18 month old is already running, they are invited to attend a the next class with other strong walkers. We absolutely support children attending classes with other children slightly older, as they will learn more from each other than they ever will from any of us!! We also offer mixed age classes.

Ages 16mo - 24mo

Children Learning To walk!

Ages 2 - 3yrs

Strong & Stable Walkers!

Ages 3.5 - 4.5yrs

Introduction to Aerial Arts!

Our Specialized Program

The Fly Play Yard Parent & Me classes are focused to activate a child's senses through play and exploration! We design our classes with the understanding that thoughtful, guided exposure to playful sensory experiences is the best way to promote healthy development of the sensory systems for our little ones.  Our goal is to have a safe and exciting space to provide a stimulating learning experience for our toddlers and their parents! 

We will work together in building your child's fine and gross motor skills through a world of creative movement and sensory play. With your helping hand they will begin to tumble, balance, swing, hang, and be introduced to the exhilirating feeling of flight. All of our games help our young ones to develop an enjoyment of physical activity and a sense of excitement and pride in their achievements.

All of our classes are designed to activate all 9 senses while having fun...

Sight - Our Visual System

Body Awareness - Our 

Proprioceptive System

Taste - Our Gustatory System

Balance - Our Vestibular System

Smell - Our Olfactory System

Touch - Our Tactile System

Hearing - Our Auditory System


Baby Lightnings

16 months - 24 months

Parent and Me

60 minute Class Structure

No crawlers please. Children should be able to walk without assistance


Our Baby Lightnings class is the ultimate sensory experience! Each week a fun theme guides our kids (and adults) to use their imagination as they step into each activity. Our curious young adventurors will first enter the class to explore the entire space introducing different activity stations. Our fly instructors will then invite our young friends through different sections of the class: "Move Time" focusing on Gross Motor Skills, "Fly Time" focusing on vestibulor senses, "Sensory Play" focusing on Fine Motor Skills, and finally to "Rhythm Time" focusing on a drumming finale! Our Baby Lightnings will also learn how to take turns, share, and build on their social interations through our love based and kindness enriched activities. Plus did we mention it's a whole lot of FUN! ​

We are currently on our summer schedule through August 24th!
You can be sure to find this class on our Fall schedule (in the Fall 2018): 

Monday 9:00am


Teeny Thunders

2 - 3 yrs old

Parent and Me

60 minute Class Structure

Strong & Stable Walkers

Our Teeny Thunders is our older toddler class and it's designed to prepare young children for preschool with structured and themed portions of the class! We begin with a dynamic free play time followed by songs during our circle time. Next it's time for creative movement exploration both in the air through our "FLY TIME" and on the ground by exploring a specific sensory play activity. Each week our sensory play activity will be set to a fun and exciting weekly theme. Our classes will end with our signature "RHYTHM TIME" just to give our friends to THUNDER on the drums! We'll give just the right of routine with fresh and new to keep our Teeny Thunders excited for more!

We are currently on our summer schedule through August 24th!

You can be sure to find this class on our Fall schedule (in the Fall 2018): 

Monday 9:00am, 10:15am

Tiny Windmills

3.5 years - 5 years

Parent and Me Class

60 minute Class Structure


Our Tiny Windmills is our introductory aerial arts class for ages 3.5 - 5.5 yrs old. While our older toddlers are beginning to learn more physical activities both in the air and on the ground with the help of their parents/guardians in the class, there will be some sections for independent exploration. This class gives our students a safe and fun environment as they take flight on silks, low hanging trapezes, and other aerial creations. Our Tiny Windmills program focuses on improving core strength, coordination, balance, visual perception skills, confidence, and socialization skills, and overall sensory development. These skills are explored through a special structured format class with fun weekly themes, creative movement, sensory exploration activities, various circus-style props, and much more! Our goal is to encourage their self expression, through this fun-filled cool class. With continuous action in classes, changing props and great music, there's only time for having a great time! ​

We are currently on our summer schedule through August 24th!

You can be sure to find this class on our Fall schedule (in the Fall 2018): 

Tuesday  2:15pm

Thursday 2:15pm

The Sensory Play Yard

16mo - 5 Years

Parent and Me 60 minute Class

Mixed Age Level Class

This class is set up for all our toddlers ages 16months to 5 years old. Similar to our other structured classes, our young friends will still have a chance to explore both in the air (in our signature FLY TIME) and on the ground. Yet this class is extremely special for several reasons:

1. Mixed Age Grouping: Mixed-age grouping, or called family grouping, has great potential to support children’s social and emotional learning. Children who are settled and older often take on leadership roles and support those who are less capable and competent than they are, while at the same time building their own self-confidence and self-esteem. They model turn taking and sharing. Children with no younger siblings at home have opportunities to ‘be a big sister or brother’ and nurture and help others as well as form relationships with younger children.

2. TODDLER LED GLOW DANCE PARTY! Only in this class will we transform the space to a toddler dance world with it's own light show where our lil ones can barefoot boogie to their hearts content!

3. Each week we'll also have a unique sensory experience different from the other classes during the week. While not every class will be 'messy' we ask that our parents make room for this possibility! Clothes than can get messy should be worn, and always come prepared with a 2nd set of clothes and a pack of wipes just in case. Get ready to have some sensory fun!

We are currently on our summer schedule through August! You can be sure to find this class on our Fall schedule (in the Fall 2018): 

Monday  11:30am

Parent N' Me Schedule
(Please note that all pre-registration is required for all classes.)

Fall Classes begin on

Monday, August 27th 

Parent N' Me Tuition Rates

Here are our rates for Fall 2018: 

Membership Terms

* Pricing is based on 4 week months or 28 days.

* Autopay Contracts are a 2 month commitment with required 14 day written cancellation.

*Makeups can be scheduled as long as you have an active membership.

*Makeups must be scheduled on a different day than your usual class and another class could be used. Ex: A sensory play yard could be used as a make up for another class.

* To cancel a class you must call PRIOR to the class and not after or you will lose that class.

*Refunds are not available for illness, vacations, or if you do not cancel your membership timely.

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