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Ages 8 - 17 yrs

Independent 1 Hour Classes

Full Aerial Arts Education Program

Fly Studios has created the ultimate aerial arts academic program JUST FOR KIDS!  Our school specializes in children from ages 8 - 17 years old. We offer a multi-level Aerial Arts Curriculum like no other!  The curriculum is designed with colored levels similar to a martial art belt system from beginners - intermediate - advance levels. Each student will focus on their specific level to ensure they are building a strong foundation of safety, strength, and skill.  Colorful fun patches mark key moves in their specific level.  The patches allows our students to learn at their own comfortable pace as well as creating smaller goals for them to achieve.  Each patch will decorate their uniform sleeve to celebrate their accomplishment and mark a great milestone for them.  Once they receive all of their patches in their level they will then be invited to a performance recital where they can showcase all that they've learned for their friends and family! 


We also have an annual academy aerial showcase a year in June where our young aerialists will have the exciting opportunity to perform for friends and family! 


What Makes Our School Special?

* Small class sizes (5:1, max of 10 students in class).

* State of the art studio.

* All instructors are background checked, CPR & First Aid Certified.

* All instructors have weekly trainings to maximize safety skills. 

* Innovative and creative curriculum designed by both professional    aerialists and childhood development teachers. 

* We have a non-competitive teaching environment.

Academy Tuition

( 8 - 17 yrs)

Classes Per Week


Price Per Class

1 x week ( 4 per month)

$135 / month

$33.75 per class

2 x week ( 8 per month)

$250 / month

$31.25 per class

Single Class (1 hr) - $35  

How to Get Started:

* Simply go to your school and submit a request to take classes at Fly.

* Call or email to ask about availability.

* Bring in a Purchase Order or Enrichment Certificate on your first day of class.

* Be ready to FLY!

Membership Includes:

* Join or cancel anytime.

* Free uniform t-shirts.

* Free milestone patches.

* Opportunity to perform in the Summer Showcase.

* Membership discounts on camps, parties, & more!

* Sibling discount is 10% off.

* Please call to cancel at least 4 hours before class or student will lose credit for that class.

* Students have 5 weeks to make up a missed class. 

Charter & Home School

academy schedule

Wind Climbers (8 - 17yrs)

Thursdays     1:00-2:00pm

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Take 3 Fly Classes For $30!

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